[Evolution] Evolution 0.13 building on Solaris


I'm running Solaris 8 on a Ultra 5 w/ Ximian Gnome 1.4. I'd like to build
evolution on it. I d/l the following files:

I started with gtkhtml whic starts to compile then complains is can't find
-liconv. I'm not sure which packages this comes from though.

Are there any Solaris Ximain 1.4 users out there who've built
evolution? If so can anyone point me in the right direction or point me to
some binaries:)

Thanks in Advance!

|Keith Conger
|Unix Engineer
|kconger appliedtheory com
+------+System Info+------+
SunOS metroid 5.8 sun4u
  9:50am  up 4 day(s), 19:19,  1 user,  load average: 1.26, 1.14, 1.06

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