[Evolution] compiling evo b3 on woody...

Hi all,

  Thought I'd drop a line here before I start to do any damage...

  I'm running Woody, but have more recently started to roll all my own
packages (as updated versions become available...).

  To that end, I'm now trying to build evo b3 (after using b2 installed
from a deb), but configure can't find bonobo (which is installed fom a
deb). So I grabbed a tarball for bonobo (the latest), which, in turn,
can't find gnome-print. I grabbed the latest gnome-print - it installed
finely and dandily, but bonobo's configure still spits the dummy about
it. Catch 22...

  I am, in case it matters, installing all home-made builds into
/usr/local, and (thus far) have not removed the corresponding debs (I
anticipate a _big_ lack of fun if I were to go removing these debs, and,
to date, have not had any dilemna with this. I do, of course, remove the
debs for actual apps (ie - pan, galeon, etc) just prior to installation
of compiled newies).

  Just to clarify - I _do_ have devel packages installed for all
relevant stuff, and all versions are at least what's required.

  Anyone have more idea than I ?

  pu15e yahoo com au                                      icq: 117539757 
 "Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the 
                    possible exception of Bad News..." - Douglas Adams.

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