Re: [Evolution] Modify incoming messages

Unfortunately you can't do that with Evolution because Edit-as-New only
works for messages in your "Sent" folder.  I have argued (vociferously)
to have it work for every folder (after all, not all your sent messages
will remain in your Sent folder) but I'm afraid that won't make it into
the 1.0 release.  Nice work-around for Netscape, though :)

Only thing you could do now with Evo is make changes by forwarding the
message to yourself, but then you lose the original sender in the "From"


On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 13:18, David G. (Demo Monkey) Simmons wrote:

Oh, then that's very different... :-)

However, I have still done this with Messenger, just in a rather
roundabout way...simply choose "Edit as New" then edit as desired. Then
save to the 'drafts' folder, then file it from there. 

I know, not the most elegant solution, but hey, when you work with
Netscrap Messanger, you learn all sorts of bad habits. :-)


On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 09:58, Eric Lambart wrote:
Hmmm.... I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing, David.  I
can easily modify any of the quoted text in this reply.  This reply is
being prepared in a "compose" window, and everything within that window
is editable... as you can see here I've deleted all this messages's old
text except for your most recent posting.

What I and Cyril (?) were talking about is the ability to edit the
subject and body of a message that's in your Inbox or another folder.  I
spoke of being able to clean up a message you're planning to keep a copy
of, but another useful purpose (thinking of snail-mail analogies, here)
would be to annotate an informative message with your own notes.


On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 09:46, David (Demo Monkey) Simmons wrote:

Proof of it is here, as I have now deleted a fair amount of the included
text...I would gladly switch to Evo full-time, and WILL, as soon as I
can get it to a) sync my addressbook with my Palm, and b) quit hanging
for hours on end. :-)



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