Re: [Evolution] Modify incoming messages

Oh, then that's very different... :-)

However, I have still done this with Messenger, just in a rather
roundabout way...simply choose "Edit as New" then edit as desired. Then
save to the 'drafts' folder, then file it from there. 

I know, not the most elegant solution, but hey, when you work with
Netscrap Messanger, you learn all sorts of bad habits. :-)


On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 09:58, Eric Lambart wrote:
Hmmm.... I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing, David.  I
can easily modify any of the quoted text in this reply.  This reply is
being prepared in a "compose" window, and everything within that window
is editable... as you can see here I've deleted all this messages's old
text except for your most recent posting.

What I and Cyril (?) were talking about is the ability to edit the
subject and body of a message that's in your Inbox or another folder.  I
spoke of being able to clean up a message you're planning to keep a copy
of, but another useful purpose (thinking of snail-mail analogies, here)
would be to annotate an informative message with your own notes.


On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 09:46, David (Demo Monkey) Simmons wrote:

Proof of it is here, as I have now deleted a fair amount of the included
text...I would gladly switch to Evo full-time, and WILL, as soon as I
can get it to a) sync my addressbook with my Palm, and b) quit hanging
for hours on end. :-)



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