Re: [Evolution] Palm Conduits

When its working it works very well. I kind of just messed mine up over
the weekend when I was upgrading. For some reason the evolution conduits
only show up when I'm logged into root so I guess i have a project for
the week.

I also have had an on going issue with the memo conduit causing gpilot
applet to crash when selected in gnomecc but its no real problem since I
really have a need to sync it.


Yes. I have had pretty good results with the Calendar, To-do, and
Addressbook conduits, synchronizing with a Handspring Visor Deluxe via a
serial port.

The only problem I've had is that the Gnome Pilot backup conduit doesn't
work since I installed Evolution. Every time I try to activate it via
the Gnome Control Center, gpilotd-control-applet crashes.


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