Re: [Evolution] scrolling

On Wed, 2001-10-31 at 21:05, Ross Burton wrote:
On Wed, 2001-10-31 at 09:42, Chris Heywood wrote:
hrmm, that doesn't really sound like what I'm experiencing.  what I'm
talking about is that for the same number of clicks, or the same number
of turns of the wheel, less messages scroll pass when there are lots of
messages in the folder.

actually, testing now I get your problem too.  when the folder has lots
of messages, moving the wheel slowly but consistently won't even move
the view at all.  in a folder with less messages this doesn't seem to be
a problem.

I normally only get the problem if there is a selected message in the
list view.  If I click in the message display scrolling in the list view
works fine.

ah, I see this too.
My biggest folder here is ~800 messages and it doesn't scroll any slower
than my INBOX (18 messages), that is one unit on the mouse wheel == 3
messages scrolled.

ok, when I don't have a message selected one unit on my wheel goes 1.5
messages scrolled (or about).  but I don't think this is relevant in a
big way.  it's more the 'mouse wheel scrolling doesn't work as well when
a message is selected'


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