Re: [Evolution] scrolling

On Wed, 2001-10-31 at 20:39, Ross Burton wrote:
On Wed, 2001-10-31 at 04:31, Chris Heywood wrote:
was wondering if anyone else had noticed this: using the mouse wheel to
scroll in an evolution folder, if the folder has large content (eg
evolution-user list here has ~4700 messages) the scrolling is far slower
than one with less messages.
in a folder with 150 messages the scrolling moves through the messages
far faster than the evolution user one.

This may be a bug I've been seeing. By "slower", what do you mean?  I'm
seeing behaviour where sometimes a "click" of the mouse wheel scrolls by
a message, and sometimes it will only scroll if I move the wheel fast
enough.  If I scroll the wheel slowly enough no scrolling takes place at

hrmm, that doesn't really sound like what I'm experiencing.  what I'm
talking about is that for the same number of clicks, or the same number
of turns of the wheel, less messages scroll pass when there are lots of
messages in the folder.

actually, testing now I get your problem too.  when the folder has lots
of messages, moving the wheel slowly but consistently won't even move
the view at all.  in a folder with less messages this doesn't seem to be
a problem.


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