Re: [Evolution] Palm conduits on Debian


Just last week I finally got my Visor to  hotsync with Evolution on my
laptop (running Debian unstable), so this is pretty fresh in my mind.

You need to install pilot-link 0.9.5, and gnome-pilot 0.1.62. These are
probably only available in unstable at the moment.  That should get the
conduits to work in control center.  If you're using
gnome-control-center 1.5.7 from Ximian, make sure you've got the
control-center-plus package installed as well.

With this setup, I can sync my Visor with Evo.  However, the whole setup
is a bit unstable for me.  Synching will fail probably 50% or the time,
in which case I have to reset my visor and kill and restart the gpilotd
process.  I'm not sure if this is an issue with my hardware or what, but
if you've having similar problems I recommend doing a killall -9 gpilotd
and then running gpilotd from a terminal.  That will let you see its
debug output when you try to do a hotsync.  If you see messages along
the lines of "pi_accept timeout", you probably need to reset your Visor.


On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 18:56, Beirne Konarski wrote:
I'd like to sync up my Visor using the Evolution conduits.  I've
installed Evolution 0.15-6 from the deb.  When I go to the control
center to set up the conduits I see Pilot Conduits and Pilot Link
entries.  When I select the Pilot Conduits, though, I get the Pilot Link
window rather than one for conduits.  

The desktop file for the Pilot Conduits menu has "gpilotd-control-applet
--cap-id=1" for the Exec entry, which doesn't sound quite right. 

I also tried Control Center 1.5.7 but then I didn't have any
Pilot-oriented entries at all.

Any advice on getting the conduits to work?


Beirne "Bern" Konarski  
beirne neo rr com     "Untouched by Scandal"

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