Re: [Evolution] Mouse Wheel problems with Mailboxes


I like to give a "Me Too"

Evo behaves like this since yesterdays shnapshots an still today.
This makes working with evo really hard, if you are used to a mouse wheel...



Steven Knight wrote:


I'm using the latest Evolution snapshot (2001. ) on a RedHat
7.1 system and I've found a minor bug.  To reproduce the bug, do this :

1. Click on one of your mail folders ( I'm using an imap-based folder
for the evolution mailing list ). Using you mouse wheel, you can scroll
at a normal speed.

2. Now,click on a message, to have evolution load it into the message
viewing window.

3.  Now try to scroll with the wheel on your mouse.  It does not work
very while in the Message list, but it does work fine in the message
viewing window.
4.  Now click on any other folder, say INBOX.  And it will now work
fine. Should submit this into bugzilla?

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