[Evolution] Palm conduits on Debian

I'd like to sync up my Visor using the Evolution conduits.  I've
installed Evolution 0.15-6 from the deb.  When I go to the control
center to set up the conduits I see Pilot Conduits and Pilot Link
entries.  When I select the Pilot Conduits, though, I get the Pilot Link
window rather than one for conduits.  

The desktop file for the Pilot Conduits menu has "gpilotd-control-applet
--cap-id=1" for the Exec entry, which doesn't sound quite right. 

I also tried Control Center 1.5.7 but then I didn't have any
Pilot-oriented entries at all.

Any advice on getting the conduits to work?


Beirne "Bern" Konarski  
beirne neo rr com       "Untouched by Scandal"

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