Re: [Evolution] please test nightlies!

On Sat, 2001-10-27 at 14:35, Jamin Philip Gray wrote:
On Sat, 27 Oct 2001, Luis Villa wrote:

Just a friendly reminder, folks- we're going to release RC 1 on Monday
night, so we need you guys to test the nightlies as much as possible and
report the big bugs you find to make sure we don't let any last minute
horrible bugs slip in. This isn't to say that we want a flood of UI bug
reports :) Just crashers or 'my trash button doesn't work' type bugs.
But we do want those- we don't want this to be a paper bag release, and
we're relying on you guys, our testers, to make sure that isn't the
case. Thanks!

I'm running into a problem with getting the nightlies.  The gal snapshot will not install via
RC.  It gives me a failed dependancies screen with no text describing the nature of the failed
dependancy.  I've never seen this before.  I recently upgraded to Redhat 7.2.  Any ideas?

Hrm. Not good. The newer RC is supposed to be better at reporting
errors, not worse :) Can you screenshot the resulting error page? 
Is there a way I can download the the packages via ftp or http and attempt to install manually? [7.0 packages are
used for all 7.x platforms.]

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