Re: [Evolution] reply

How can I reply to the sender when the email arrived from a mailing

From:        foo-user bar com
Reply-To: foo-list bar-list com
To:         foo-list bar-list com

When I choose reply to sender, reply or reply to all, every possibility
results in the same thing: I am replying to the list

In a way, I don't disagree with Evolution's approach here:  there is an
explicit Reply-To: header that says that replies should go to the list,
and Evo's honoring that.  However, if I remember right, Kmail had a

I disagree with Evo. When I hit "Reply", it is ok to reply to the address
in the "reply-to" field. But when I explicitly hit another kind of reply,
it should do what I requested, because I hit that other kind of reply
because I did not want the default reply.


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