[Evolution] Deleting tasks kills calendar in 0.16 plus Good News on Pilot

I have just installed 0.16 (and in fact the entire suite of updates per Red Carpet for Redhat 7.1) and have two observations:

1. I had 10 tasks in the task list, uploaded from my Palm Pilot. I deleted the first two, and I got an error message saying that the calendar part of evolution had died and I should restart evolution. So I did. I then deleted two more tasks, and the same thing happend. I restarted evolution, then proceeded to delete the last six tasks with no crashes...

2. I had been having a problem with the palm pilot sync (unidirectional from the palm to evolution at this point) hanging in the address book portion of the upload. I'm happy to report that that problem appears solved and everything completes as expected.

Keep up the good work! This product is getting better and better!


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