[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] DnD/Vfolder name problem?

OOpos, so i didn't move it to evolution@ afterall.

Anyway, it shouldn;t matter, but does the name have chars like \r in it?

Does this happen for every message you try to copy?

I'm using 0.16.99 on Mandrake Linux.

DnD works fine from most vfolders and to real folder. The exception is
when I drag a message from a Vfolder called ``Mail to Me'' in which case
I get the following error:

  Error while 'Moving message to file:///home/ben/evolution/personal':
  No such message to Me voAIRJxv8483 in Mail

Given the strage rearrangement of the vfolder name, ``to Me ... Mail'' I
am thinking this is related to the name of my vfolder.


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