Re: [Evolution] Shell doesnt display after first-time wizard has run -12692

Run evolution from one terminal
wait for the splash screen to disappear.
Open a new terminal and run evolution again without quiting the first
instance. A new shell window should open.


On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 23:34, Allan Whitehouse wrote:
Hi all,
  I am unable to start evolution due to Bug-12692.
Until that is fixed does anyone know any work around
for it.

excerpt from bug 12692: 
Version 0.16.99+cvs.2001.

no ~/evolution, killev before running

I get the first-time wizard, which I fill in and
"Finish" without any trouble.  The "Intelligent
importer" dialog comes up in blank dialog windows. 
The Beta-test warning window pops up, and I OK that. 
No shell appears.

Running killev from another xterm, and re-running
evolution gives me the first-time wizard again, and
the same results: no shell.


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