Re: [Evolution] Applying filters automatically

That's because IMAP only allows a single folder to be selected at a
time, thus if you are reading mail in "My Folder", how is evo supposed
to filter mail in INBOX? It can't.

If you want filtering to happen as new mail arrives, then you'll have to
do server-side filtering.


On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 18:28, Mike Leckey, Jr. wrote:
On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 14:08, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:
Yes, but there still seems to be a bug with this: Evo will apply filters
to new (aka Recent) mail while I am in the INBOX folder. If another
folder is currently selected, evo will register the new mails (the count
on the IMBOX will increase) but will only apply filter to the recent
mails at the moment I actually enter the INBOX.

I see the same thing here.  I *think* that is standard Evo behavior.

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