Re: [Evolution] on vfolders

On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 19:25, tav wrote:
On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 18:34, NotZed wrote:

      notzed> Upgrade evolution, it should as
      notzed> of about 1 week ago.

using beta 5 here... it doesn't auto-update afaict. i have to go through
each folder before it refreshes... a bit frustrating with a few hundred
vfolders :/

Beta5 is about 2-3 weeks old.  Definetly WAY too old.

is beta 6 out? or am i running into a bug somewhere?

No not yet, we might be skipping it for beta7.

There's been some lag in snapshots too, so dont try any older than one
that should be released today.

      me> [about configuring the summary screen]

      notzed> I dont think so, it will have ot wait
      notzed> till after 1.0. There's a similar bug

      notzed> report about this for imap already.

is there anything i can do?

Not right now, we're in a feature freeze state for 1.0.

You could try creating a patch, but its unlikely we'd put it in till
after 1.0.

      me> [about sorting the vfolders alphabetically
        me>  in the vfolder editor]

      notzed> There's a bug report about it already.
      notzed> I doubt it'll be changed for 1.0 though.
      notzed> IMHO the problem is the shell resorting
      notzed> the order without you asking for it to.
      notzed> [snip]

thanks for the enlightenment.

on a perhaps related note, is it possible to specify a set "view" of all
the folders? e.g. ['status', 'attachments', 'importance', 'from',
'subject', 'received', 'to', 'size']

i really like the highly configurable grouping / sorting mechanism,
however you have to specify the view settings individually for each and
every folder.

i presume that this is a feature, however, i really would like to alter
the "global" default setting of ['status', 'attachments', 'importance',
'from', 'subject', 'sent'] to something that suits me better...

...can i configure this somewhere?

Umm, i'm not sure.

I think you just have to do it manually for now, or perhaps you can copy
a config file to a different location, e.g.

in ~/evolution/config

there are a bunch of files starting with et-header-

These are the ones loaded to configure the headers, you could perhaps
try copying from one that you like to the others you want to be setup
the same.  The rest of the filename is the 'url' used to open them, for
vfolders its the path of the home directory + the name of the vfolder.


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