Re: [Evolution] on vfolders

first off, i love vfolders!

really nice work to everyone whose been part of its development!

now, there are a couple of things which i'd like to do with vfolders,
but am not sure how to do it yet, and can't seem to find info by reading
the faqs / list archives. if someone could enlighten me, i'd really
appreciate it

- i have created around 200+ vfolders. and i'd really like those
vfolders to auto-update themselves constantly. i noticed discussion
earlier on regarding vfolder behaviour... what exactly is being decided?

is there some option i can set to auto-update the vfolders every 10

Upgrade evolution, it should as of about 1 week ago.

- i noticed several .xml files in the ui/ folder. is it possible to
configure the summary screen? i'd like to display the vfolders there...
it becomes a severe pain scrolling up and down 200 odd folders

if someone could give me pointers, i should be able to code the rest

I dont think so, it will have ot wait till after 1.0.
There's a similar bug report about this for imap already.

- finally, i am not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but the vfolder
editor displays the vfolders in the order they were created. with the
number of vfolders i have, this becomes a royal pain.

again, is there some option? or should i submit a bug report?

There's a bug report about it already.  I doubt it'll be changed for
1.0 though.  IMHO the problem is the shell resorting the order without
you asking for it to.  But others think the editor should sort to match
the shell.

Probably post 1.0 (eventually) it'll be a tree and let you heirarchically
order the folders, and have the shell honour that.


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