Re: [Evolution] on vfolders

On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 18:34, NotZed wrote:

        notzed> Upgrade evolution, it should as
        notzed> of about 1 week ago.

using beta 5 here... it doesn't auto-update afaict. i have to go through
each folder before it refreshes... a bit frustrating with a few hundred
vfolders :/

is beta 6 out? or am i running into a bug somewhere?

        me> [about configuring the summary screen]

        notzed> I dont think so, it will have ot wait
        notzed> till after 1.0. There's a similar bug

        notzed> report about this for imap already.

is there anything i can do?

        me> [about sorting the vfolders alphabetically
        me>  in the vfolder editor]

        notzed> There's a bug report about it already.
        notzed> I doubt it'll be changed for 1.0 though.
        notzed> IMHO the problem is the shell resorting
        notzed> the order without you asking for it to.
        notzed> [snip]

thanks for the enlightenment.

on a perhaps related note, is it possible to specify a set "view" of all
the folders? e.g. ['status', 'attachments', 'importance', 'from',
'subject', 'received', 'to', 'size']

i really like the highly configurable grouping / sorting mechanism,
however you have to specify the view settings individually for each and
every folder.

i presume that this is a feature, however, i really would like to alter
the "global" default setting of ['status', 'attachments', 'importance',
'from', 'subject', 'sent'] to something that suits me better...

...can i configure this somewhere?

best regards, tav
tav espnow com

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