Re: [Evolution] Closing beta warning freezes Evolution.

I doubt this is the problem, but supposedly using kernel 2.4.11 is
highly discouraged by Linus/Alan - iirc, they almost immediately
released 2.4.12 to fix the bug in the 2.4.11 kernel.


On Thu, 2001-10-18 at 11:49, Janus Christensen wrote:

When one closes (ie. clicks on the OK button) in the beta warning
window that is opened when starting Evolution, the application
freezes after a period of time. If I leave the window open while
using Evolution it remain stable.

Has anybody else experienced this?

I am using Evolution 0.16.99 [+cvs.2001.], with two
accounts: an IMAP one (Exchange server), and a POP one (not sure
which specific server software that one is), on a Linux Redhat 7.1
with kernel 2.4.11.

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