Re: [Evolution] on vfolders

On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 19:59, Rick Ziegler wrote:

        rick> As a workaround to your vFolder ordering
        rick> problem you can do what I do: actually
        rick> use the shortcut bar. :)

rick, you are a genius!

not sure how many people have tried this, but this works amazingly well!

it's sooo much easier to access all those vfolders now.

my only complaint is that "small icons" aren't small enough :/ but, on
the flipside, the scrolling inside groups is very smooth and more than
makes up for it  =)

also, a design suggestion for the future... align the "group" tabs
vertically instead of the current horizontal... this would conserve much
needed space and look nicer ;p

not sure, if that made sense. the easiest way to explain it would be the
history / favourites tabs in IE on the mac...

best regards, tav
tav espnow com

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