Re: [Evolution] Multiple filtering nukes messages

Is this directly on the folder or via a vfolder?

There should be a check in the code for this case and it does nothing
but *maybe* its confused by a vfolder indirect reference.

In evo +cvs.2001. I am seeing a dangerous filtering
behavior.  Try the following:

- set up a folder, such as "Ximian Mailing Lists" and a filter to move
incoming messages into it.

- after a few messages accumulate in the new folder, select it so that
you see the message pane containing the filtered messages.

- press CTL-a, CTL-y to filter those messages again.

*poof* all the messages disappear.  They don't even show up in the

It looks to me like the filtering mechanism first copies the messages to
their destination, then deletes them.  In this case, they get copied on
top of themselves, then deleted.

Note: all of the above is with IMAP folders.  This may have happened in
earlier evo's, but I hadn't noticed it till now.


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