Re: [Evolution] Multiple filtering nukes messages

No VFolders in my case. I actually lost ALL my mail in my main INBOX on my IMAP account. I am trying to reconstruct what I did. I remember doing a Ctrl-A and Ctrl-Y. A little later I did an expunge. I think it was still OK at this point with messages still in the INBOX. But then I glanced back at my screen a few minutes later, and my INBOX was empty.


On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 13:19, NotZed wrote:
Is this directly on the folder or via a vfolder?

There should be a check in the code for this case and it does nothing
but *maybe* its confused by a vfolder indirect reference.

> In evo +cvs.2001. I am seeing a dangerous filtering
> behavior.  Try the following:
> - set up a folder, such as "Ximian Mailing Lists" and a filter to move
> incoming messages into it.
> - after a few messages accumulate in the new folder, select it so that
> you see the message pane containing the filtered messages.
> - press CTL-a, CTL-y to filter those messages again.
> *poof* all the messages disappear.  They don't even show up in the
> trash.
> It looks to me like the filtering mechanism first copies the messages to
> their destination, then deletes them.  In this case, they get copied on
> top of themselves, then deleted.
> Note: all of the above is with IMAP folders.  This may have happened in
> earlier evo's, but I hadn't noticed it till now.
> -Matt
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