Re: [Evolution] IMAP unread counts

You dont need to nag, there's an extended bug report about it
that wont die.

We just dont know why this happens with some servers, we've tested heavily
here with a couple of different servers and it works 100%, every time.

Once we can recreate it it'll probably be an easy fix.


On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 16:45, david luyer net wrote:
beta5 fixed this for me.  it now rescans all inboxes every minute or so
on my system.  if you run evolution-mail in one window before starting
evolution in another you see every time it does a scan.

Unfortunately, I'm running the latest snapshot (via Red Carpet). I've
been running current snapshots since about 0.11 and it's always been the
same. I just assumed that someone would get around to it without my
nagging - until now. :)

Squeaky wheels, and all that.


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