Re: [Evolution] encodig problems, html mail, "To:"

On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 11:01, Bognar Attila wrote:

I just can't find out, how the selection of character encoding works.

Here's how it's supposed to work. If it isn't actually working this way,
it's a bug:
        * If it can send the message as US-ASCII, it does
        * It it can't, and it can send it as the charset selected in the
          "Character Encoding" submenu of the composer's "Edit" menu, it
          does that. (That menu defaults to the setting in the "Other"
          pane of the Mail Config dialog, which in turn defaults to the
          right charset for your locale.)
        * If the message contains characters not in that charset, it
          will pick another 8-bit character set if there's one available
          that contains all the right characters, or fall back to UTF-8
          if there isn't.

So if it's mostly using UTF-8, then either you're using characters that
don't exist in 8859-2 in your messages, or there's a bug.

- if I receive a html mail, the I'd like to reply it using html

Supported in the future. Not for 1.0. (It has to be configurable: many
people never want to send HTML, even in reply to an HTML message.)

- the formatting of a html reply is quite annoying

Also to be fixed later.

- when I'm typing the recipient of the mail, I receives some matched
contacts from my addressbook. But I have to use the mouse to select it,
I could not find a way to select with the keyboard.

You should be able to use up and down arrow (or Ctrl-P/Ctrl-N).

-- Dan

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