[Evolution] Pilot-sync date times wierdness.


I am experiencing some problems when syncronizing my Palm Date Book
with the Evolution Calendar. All the appointment times occur two or
three hours later (I have been unable to discern a pattern in when
an appointment occurs two hours later and when it occurs three hours
later) in Evolution than in my Palm Date Book - the Date Book times
are the correct ones.  ,-)

I have also confirmed that this behaviour is bi-directional, ie. an
appointment created in Evolution appears two or three hours later
in my Palm after sync.

I have set my Evolution Calendar Time Zone to Europe/Copenhagen, and
the Palm Preferences to Denmark.

How can I get Evolution to register the correct appointment begin
and end times?

I am currently using Evolution 0.16.99 [+cvs.2001.] on a
RedHat 7.1 with a 2.4.11 kernel. My Palm is a PalmVx with PalmOS 3.5.3.

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