[Evolution] encodig problems, html mail, "To:"


I just can't find out, how the selection of character encoding works. It
mostly uses utf-8, but only sometimes other charsets (such as
iso-8859-2) I want to use (I do not want to use utf-8 at all, because
lot of mail clients cannot use it yet - yes, I know, the future is utf-8
& Co, but I want to choose).

The other thing is html mail:

- if I receive a html mail, the I'd like to reply it using html, keeping
page settings (background color) of the original letter. (If Tools->Mail
Settings->Composer->Send html by default is not set, I loose the
settings of the page (letter). So: the value set in mail settings should
be applied only to newly composed mails, not replys.

- the formatting of a html reply is quite annoying: it only puts spaces,
but no '> '-s or anything else that could be set (a vertical line for

The "To:" issue:

- when I'm typing the recipient of the mail, I receives some matched
contacts from my addressbook. But I have to use the mouse to select it,
I could not find a way to select with the keyboard.


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