[Evolution] vCard & iCalender problems.


I've noticed for some time now, that there is a problem with norwegian
characters in both vCard and iCalender attachment and how Evolution
handle those.

The problem is when I receive a vCard sent from Outlook, and the filname
contains æ,ø or å, it won't recognize the content as a vCard. (see

Changing the filename of the iCalender attachment and resending it to
myself I'm able to view the attachment inline. However, the norwegian
characters are not displayed at all.

I've tried sending iCalender attachments from Evolution where
Description contains norwegian characters, and the result is almost the
same (except from the fact that instead of showing '?', it just drops
the text after the first iso8859-1 character).

I'm running the latest snapshots of Evolution.

I'm sorry if this is a known bug.

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