Re: [Evolution] IMAP unread counts

On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 08:45, david luyer net wrote:
Any advice for me? I'm in love with Evo, but it's a bit annoying to have
to click on every folder to see if there's new mail in it. I get nervous
every time I see the Beta number increase and this behavior hasn't
changed ... :)

beta5 fixed this for me.  it now rescans all inboxes every minute or so
on my system.  if you run evolution-mail in one window before starting
evolution in another you see every time it does a scan.

My experience is that it is depending on the IMAP server. I am running
beta 5 against a WU-imapd at the university, and every time I rescan for
new messages, the new message count for all folders that doesn't have
new messages since the last time I scanned is lost. Except the INBOX,
which seem to actually work.. 

As Mike says, really annoying. 


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