[Evolution] problems with snapshot

Well, I guess I'll risk being accused of whinging again by pointing out
a few problems with snapshot 2001,19,11,16.13 (RH6.2):

1) For the last few snapshots, I've noticed that some of the filters
don't seem to be applied automatically.  I've had some filters (for
quite a while) which change the color of certain messages, or mark them
important or read.  These don't seem to be applied automatically to new
mail anymore although they used to be.  The filters which move or copy
mail still seem to be applied automatically.  And, if I select messages
and then hit the apply filters menu item, the appropriate color and
status is applied to the messages.
2)  In the latest snapshot, when I compose a new message, my email
account is not set to be the default one.  Thus, I have to set it
manually each time in order to get mail to send correctly.  Instead, the
first email account in my list of accounts is the one which is set. 
Since this doesn't have the appropriate smtp server for my current
location, outgoing email fails until I set the appropriate account by
hand.  It used to be that I could set the default account to be the
correct one for whatever location I was at and New Message would use
3) The new compose message window has problems with text being left
behind on the display when the lines scroll down.  This seems to happen
if you insert into existing test and cause a line break that is shorter
than the text which was there.  Then the existing text stays at the end
of the line (unless you scroll the display in which case it disappears).
This can happen for several lines at a time.
4)  I've had a problem for quite a while with attachments which have a
.dat filename extension.  These are being assigned as mime type
video/mpeg.  Originally, I was told this was being picked up by Evo from
the Gnome mime types.  And indeed, if I went into the Mime Types capplet
(or File Types and Programs in the new control panel), I found that .dat
was one of the extensions which was assigned to video/mpeg.  But I've
removed the .dat extension, both from my mime types and also from the
system level defaults (as far as I can tell from the capplets).  I've
rebooted and still find that Evo is assigning .dat files as video/mpeg
as attachments.  So, any ideas about where else I can change to stop
this?  I've run into people who's company email blocks any incoming
messages with mpeg attachments so this isn't a trivial matter.
5) If I reply to someone who has sent me a message with an attachment,
the attachment is automatically attached to my reply.  This is new
behavior which I haven't seen with other email clients.  It doesn't
really seem sensible to me since, for example, it means that I
automatically send back the Vcard attachment to anyone who uses them.  I
suspect they already know their Vcard details ;-}, so I don't think I
really need to automatically send their own Vcard back to them.  And in
general, I don't think that people want to get back the attachments they
send me.

Thanks for the help.

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