Re: [Evolution] RFE: instant messaging integration

On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 04:10, Peter Williams wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 20:48, Bill Anderson wrote:
> > That would be awesome. I've been building a distributed calendar/task
> > managing service that would integrate wonderfully with evolution. After
> > I deployed it, O was going to look at what it would take to provide a
> > "plug-in" for evolution that connected to it, post Evo 1.0. I was
> > looking at more of a SOAP interface, though I might be able to code in
> > an RDF interface...
> > 
> If you're talking about something this complex, you can just write a new
> Evolution component -- there's a reason that Evolution is split up into
> 6 or however many executables.

Acctually it looks like more than 6 :)
My question is wheter or not it would be possible to put all bonobo components into another directory that's not in $PATH??  I really don't see any reason why evolution-vcard-importer or even evolution-mail should be in my $PATH?  I can't run them directly anyway. 

I think there should be a bonobo-components-directory where they all should go!?


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