[Evolution] Can't reply to list

Has anybody seen this?

We use Communigate Pro as our mailserver software.

When I reply to a posting on one of our internal lists (using the reply
to list feature) it bounces back to me with the message below.

Failed to deliver to '<listname-was-here bravepoint com>'
LIST module(list listname-was-here) reports:
an automatically-generated message cannot be posted

I only noticed this in the past couple of days and I generally run
red-carpet every couple of days. I am currently on bits I updated Tues.

John Harlow

John Harlow, President BravePoint
john harlow BravePoint com 
Voice: (770)449-9696         Fax: (770) 449-9003 
www.BravePoint.com Progress,Web and Java Specialists

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