Re: [Evolution] RFE: instant messaging integration

On Mon, 2001-10-08 at 07:46, Abe Fettig wrote:
Perhaps the designers behind Evo could setup some sort of plugin specs
to expand capabilities, sort of like what is done for a browser like

Well, evolution does support one open standard for pluggable content:
RDF.  That's the open XML format Evolution uses for the news feeds on
its summary page.  Although RDF is usually used for news headlines,
there's no reason it can't be used for other types of content as well.
It would be very easy (and perhaps it's already been done) to write a
perl or python script that looked up a list of buddies/contacts in an IM
system and returned the results as RDF.  Then you could add it to your
executive summary.

This (providing information in machine-readable format through a web
site) is what Dave Winer or Bill Gates would call a "Web Service".

The only thing holding Evo back here is that it doesn't honor the
<image> tag for an RDF channel.  Instead, it displays all newsfeeds with
the Ximian web icon.  It would be nice to get this fixed, so that you
could make the buddies newsfeed stand out visually from the others.

If there's serious interest in this feature, I'd be happy to build a
prototype and host it on my web site.  Let me know.

That would be awesome. I've been building a distributed calendar/task
managing service that would integrate wonderfully with evolution. After
I deployed it, O was going to look at what it would take to provide a
"plug-in" for evolution that connected to it, post Evo 1.0. I was
looking at more of a SOAP interface, though I might be able to code in
an RDF interface...


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