Re: [Evolution] Sometimes message does not display in preview window

Am Mon, 2001-10-08 um 03.02 schrieb Dan Hensley:
I've seen this problem on and off for weeks, but I haven't been able to
figure out exactly how to reproduce it every time.  It's happening more
now (almost daily).  Sometimes when I'm reading through my new messages,
after I delete one and Evo advances to the next message, it does not
display the message.  The only way to display the message is to click on
a different header and then back to the message.  Has anyone else seen
this?  I believe it has something to do either with the message having
attachments or being HTML.

I have the same problem here but I think it had nothing to do with html.
After deleting more then 30 mails the cursor "jump out" of the window
with the subjects. After that I have the problem that the mails are only
previewed while clicking on them.

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