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On 8 Oct 2001, Ron Smits wrote:


I switched my work account to evolution last saturday. This email
accounts receives 2000+ mails per week, is an imap account with 120+
folders(I stopped counting)

        * There are 6 evolution-mail processes running, each 16M in
          size. this is not account size related, my home account is
          much smaller (thank god) and the processes there are the same

I'm not sure exactly what you are saying here (what do you mean by
``account size''?), but most of those 16MB is shared between processes. If
you are using top to figure out how much RAM is being used, it counts
shared memory for every process using it.


        * Scanning imapserv takes between 30-90 seconds
        * When creating a filter, getting a list of all folders takes
          between 60-90 seconds
        * Filters still only get triggered when I access the inbox. This
          seems to be related to the time it takes to scan and filter
          the inbox. If I do not select the inbox for quite some time,
          then it gets filtered. If I selected it as soon as it shows
          that there are messages, I doesn't. Is filtering an
          asynchronous task?

Ron Smits

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