[Evolution] Problems with Contacts

I've run across several problems with contacts with CVS from this
weekend.  I decided to prune some of my contacts and fix the entries of
some others.  Here's what I found:

* I cannot delete some contacts, no matter what I do.  I right-click,
select Delete, and confirm, but the contact does not disappear, no
matter what I do.  Other contacts I can delete just fine.

* I cannot modify other contacts.  I have several that were incorrectly
imported using the EAddress conduit a few weeks ago.  They are of the
form First1 and First2 Lastname.  Evo incorrectly stored those as First:
"First1", Middle: "and", Last: "First2 Lastname".  So I tried modifying
them.  There is one in particular that I can't modify.  When I click on
"Save and Close", I get an error message:  "Error modifying list: card
not found".

Which of these issues are already known?  What else can I provide to
help debug this?


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