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Hi all-
Seems as though I am not the only one with Bugzilla trouble.  Can you
help this guy too?

Richard Ziegler
Release Engineer / ClearCase Administrator
(617) 503-0442
CertCo, Inc.   
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Hi Rick,

I have the same problem with Bugzilla, I am 'working' (or at least
trying to work :-(() on bug #11491, but my login is not accepted by the

What's more, the following:

- I still cannot post to the evolution list.
  I subscribed several weeks ago, I receive posts,
  but mine are not distributed.
- I cannot send e-mails with evolution / bug#11491
  Now I cannot access bugzilla because it does not
  accept my username (wolfi_z web de) though it exists
  I created another account with my other e-mail-address,
  (at4woze1 web de), which does not contain special characters,
  thinking this could have been the problem -
  It wasn't! Same stuff.
- I cannot access ftp.ximian.com anymore.
  It asks for username and password, and does not accept 'anonymous'

Regarding the 1st issue, I would ask you to forward this to the list

Thank you ... Wolfi
mailto:wolfi_z web de

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