[Evolution] existing features ?

Have I a few queestions concerning evolution beta 4 (I know for beta 5).

The gpg support seems well integrated in evolution. When I receive a
mail signed by somebody not already in my keys list, is there a way to
download its key automatically ?
I'm using gpa to import the key but I looks like something easily

Is the toobar customizable ? I would like to add a button to go to the
next unread message. I know that I can use a shortcut (N) but a
associated button would be fine.

When I select a mailbox from the shortcuts box, the box is opened but no
mail is selected so the toolbox is not active and I need to select a
mail before going to the next unread message. btw It would be nice to be
able to open the malbox with the first unread message.

Christophe ... 

Christophe Barbé
Software Engineer - christophe barbe lineo fr
Lineo France - Lineo High Availability Group
42-46, rue Médéric - 92110 Clichy - France
phone (33). - fax (33).

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