Re: [Fwd: Bugzilla not working / RE: [Evolution] More info for bug 5348]


Am 05 Oct 2001 12:13:33 -0400 schrieb Rick Ziegler:
- I cannot send e-mails with evolution / bug#11491
  Now I cannot access bugzilla because it does not
  accept my username (wolfi_z web de) though it exists
  I created another account with my other e-mail-address,
  (at4woze1 web de), which does not contain special characters,
  thinking this could have been the problem -
  It wasn't! Same stuff.

This is a known bug, Luis is working on it, I think.
To work-around this:
Go to the main page, log in there.
Then, when logged in, go to the bug and do whatever you want to do :)

- I cannot access anymore.
  It asks for username and password, and does not accept 'anonymous'

Works fine here...

Hope, it helps...

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