[Evolution] Re: Cannot initialize the ... Shell: Help, I've tried everything.

I made a bonehead mistake (to make a long story short):
% rm -f /usr/share/oaf/*.oaf

Now whenever I try to start Evolution I get the dreaded:

Cannot initialize the Ximian Evolution shell:  Configuration Database not found

In my case it was a missing .oaf file (I believe it was
/usr/local/share/oaf/Bonobo_Moniker_xmldb.oaf).  But this wasn't the
case for others who had the problem.  I don't recall what their fix
was.  It's in the archives from a month or two ago.

I'll look when I get home.  The strange thing is that I have
installed evolution on my "clean" school computer and it works fine.
My problems are on my home computer which used to run evolution fine
until my unfortunate accident.   I've compared the files in
/usr/share/oaf on both computers and they seem to be identical, but
one works and the other does not. :-( 

As I said before, I purged evolution (and all of gnome) from my home
computer and then reinstalled.  All to no effect.

Note:  I'm using apt with the ximian Debian packages on a Debian
potato system.


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