Re: [Evolution] Mail Filters

On Tue, 2001-10-02 at 23:46, Joseph Tan wrote:

I was wondering if incoming mail filters actually work under Evolution
0.14? I simply cannot get my incoming mail filtered automatically, Apply
Filters (Ctr-Y) doesn't do anything.

I may report this as a bug unless I'm missing something.

Another query is that according to the release schedule Evolution
Release Candidate 1 is going to arrive soon. Do people really expect
Evolution to jump from 0.14 to version 1 in a short matter of a few

Joseph Tan

The filters work and work well.  I am currently using Evo 0.14, but also
had a about 10 filters working at once in 0.13 so the filters worked
there as well.  As per typical with manual input items, check your
spelling in the filter rule as a small error will negate the filter. 
Also if you want to keep the original message from showing up in your
inbox plus your sub-folder, remember to add an action of "stop
processing" to your filter rule after the message has been directed to
the sub-folder.

The fastest way I have found to set up filters for mailing lists is to
open a message from the mailing list in question and then Tools ->
Create filter from message and as long as you have a folder waiting then
all you have to do is add the command to stop processing and your filter
is complete.

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