Re: [Evolution] Encrypted attachments with Evolution 0.14 do not work

I've just initiated a test to see if I can reproduce your
observation.  I'll let you know.

Have you filed this in bugzilla?  (I suggest you do - let me know the
bug number and I'll add my comments to it once I get a response on my

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 06:41:24PM -0600, Ralph Sanford wrote:
I recently tried to send attachments with my email from Evolution 0.14
encrypted using pgp.  What the recipients received was an encrypted
email which when decrypted had the attachment included within the body
of the email (not as an attachment) and the attachment appeared to
remain encrypted.  The 3 recipients have not changed their systems since
the last encrypted mails were sent successfully and all 3 recipients
have reported the same problem.  The only change I can think of is that
I upgraded from Evo 0.13 to 0.14 via Red Carpet.

All the recipients are using pgp 6.5.8, the keys were exchanged years
ago and have not changed.  I believe all the recipients are using PMMail
as their email program.  Until yesterday the use of encrypted mail
between us worked without problems.

My system is SuSE 7.2 with pgp 6.5.8.  The evolution is 0.14 as
downloaded last week using Red Carpet.

Has there been a change to the encryption methodology of Evolution? 

Should I change my evolution setting in some manner?

Have other user successfully sent encrypted attachments using evolution
0.14?  If I send encrypted attachment using evolution from my computer
to my wife's computer also using evolution then the attachments are
received correctly at her computer.  However the majority of my email
recipients are not using evolution as their email package so this is not
as significant as being able to communicate with other users.

Any suggestions?  Or does some one know how to back grade to evolution


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