Re: [Evolution] Mail Filters

Hiya Matthew,

OK here is what happens:

1. I create several sub-folders in my inbox (e.g. Evolution Mailing
List, Evolution-Hackers Mailing List, etc..).

2. I create the corresponding filters. I assume these are run as mail is

3. I check mail and after they are all downloaded, I find that they are
all stuck in inbox.

4. I do a Ctrl-Y. Nothing happens.

5. I select all 120 mail messages and do a Ctrl-Y. Nothing happens.


1. Also, it would be nice if Evolution could make the incoming mail
visible as soon as it is received. Right now I have to wait until all
the mail messages have been received before I can read any of them. Even
the headers don't appear in inbox. It's a nice feature if you have lots
of mail messages coming down a slow link.

2. A spell checker that could be run by selecting a bit of text and
hitting F7.

Joseph Tan

On Tue, 2001-10-02 at 13:11, Matthew Keller wrote:

      What are you filters doing? I have a myriad of filters that autosorts
incoming mail to different folders, changes their color, etc. Everything
working since the 0.12 days.

On Wed, 2001-10-03 at 01:46, Joseph Tan wrote:

I was wondering if incoming mail filters actually work under Evolution
0.14? I simply cannot get my incoming mail filtered automatically, Apply
Filters (Ctr-Y) doesn't do anything.

I may report this as a bug unless I'm missing something.

Another query is that according to the release schedule Evolution
Release Candidate 1 is going to arrive soon. Do people really expect
Evolution to jump from 0.14 to version 1 in a short matter of a few

Joseph Tan

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Matthew Keller
Enterprise System Analyst
Computing & Technology Services
Information Services Division
State University of NY at Potsdam
Potsdam, NY USA

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