Re: [Evolution] 2GB file size limit

The glibc that comes with Debian "Woody" is compiled against kernel
2.4.x; supporting LFS. It looks like I will have to recompile Evolution
with some special gcc parameters in order to obtain LFS support. I am
using the following page as a reference:

* Jeffrey Stedfast (fejj ximian com) said:
This "bug" most likely has nothing to do with Evolution source itself,
we use off_t which is a 32-bit integer, thus you have yourself a 2GB
file size limit. The only way to "fix" this is to rebuild glibc so that
off_t is a 64 bit int.


On Mon, 2001-10-01 at 22:31, Jeremy Avnet wrote:
* NotZed (notzed ximian com) said:
Use more folders.

I will take that to mean there is no plan to increase the current limit.


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