[Evolution] multiple email addresses

I'm using Evo v0.99.2 and I really like it.  I find new things to like
about it almost daily.   Excuse me if this issue has already been
raised.  I didn't find it very easy to search through the archives.

When composing new or reply mail, I like to press the "To:" button which
then brings up a list of contacts from which to choose.  So far, so
good.  However, many of my contacts have multiple email addresses.  (The
address book allows up to 3 if memory servers).  But the chooser doesn't
seem to allow me to choose which email address I wish to use for the
contact I wish to select.  I don't recall right now which address it
selects for me; if it's the first one or maybe it's all of them.  

At any rate, shouldn't I be able to select which address I wish to use
for each contact in my address book when using the "To:" button? 

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