Re: [Evolution] text vs html format

Il mar, 2001-11-06 alle 08:59, Terje Eggestad ha scritto:
Just got 0.16, and it works great!

One anoying little thing, that has been around since whenever.

I *usually* prefer to send html formated mails, but when my default is
htmp, and i reply to a text/plain mail, evo tries to convert it to html
(which I consider questionable behaviour). But de-selecting html format
the mail is really useless. 
The indention of replyed to text is by tab(or spaces) not "> "
Since html is not wrapped, wrapping when converting to plain/text gets

Recomment that when replying inline, the mime type is kept.

  We are aware of the issue, and we are going to fix this some time
(hopefully soon) after 1.0.


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