[Evolution] IMAP weirdness & mult. accounts

Evolution is pretty rock-solid for me, but I do have a couple of issues.

First, when I create an IMAP account, everything is fine unless I set my
sent mail folder to reside on the IMAP server.  Evolution then forgets
which IMAP subfolders I'm subscribed to and then can't check the mail in
those folders unless I select each folder manually.  I can't even use
"Tools --> Manage Subscriptions ..." to fix it.

Also when I create an alternate mail identity complete with its own
signature file but with "None" as the account type, I can click on compose
and select the alternate identity but it doesn't insert the signature
associated with it.  Is this intentional?

Are these known bugs or is it just me?

I'm running evolution-0.10-ximian.2 under Ximian Gnome for RedHat 7.1 and
am completely up to date on all the updates.


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