[Evolution] Re: Evolution mail editor crashes

On 30 May 2001 19:50:24 +1000, Damian Ivereigh wrote:

Yes. I presume you are using RedCarpet and you are subscribed to both
the Preview and Snapshot Evolution channels. The problem is caused by
using the preview release of Evolution with the snapshot release of
gtkhtml. The solution is to (using RedCarpet) go in the Preview Channel
and Remove evolution. Now unsubscribe from the Evolution Preview Channel
(you may not need to do this, but I did). Go into the Snapshot channel
and Install everything that you can.

Then you should be sorted.

You are probably right, but since I got the preview verison of Evolution
working with the older gtkhtml package I'll just leave things as they
are for now.But I certainly will follow your advice and try not to mix
parts from those two channels in the future.

Thanks for the quick response.


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