RE: [Evolution] splash screen

And if you look back a *long* way in the archives (right near the
beginning ...) there is a way that involves *no* source changes.


On 29 May 2001 16:13:46 -0400, Matthew T. Jachimstal wrote:
On 29 May 2001 12:55:58 -0700, Ray Lee wrote:
Evolution ROCKS, and I love it!!  The only thing I don't like is that
annoying splash screen that comes up every time you start it up, saying
"Thanks for taking the time to download this...".

If you really want to disable it, then you have two options:

  1. Download all the source code, figure out where it does the splash
screen, and comment it out. Rebuild everything, and reinstall. Not
recommended unless you are pretty darn good coder.

1a. There's a way to disable it without recompiling. It doesn't take a
_great_ deal of coding experience, just a little knowledge of C.


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