Re: [Evolution] Filter question

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

You are quite a bit confused, there aren't many (if any?) mail clients
that filter IMAP mail unless they treat IMAP like POP, in which case
using IMAP is useless. If there is a client that does IMAP filtering
without treating IMAP as if it were a POP server, then I'd like to know
which one? I know Balsa, mutt, Netscape, Mozilla, pine, etc don't filter
IMAP mail.

Actually Netscape and Mozilla do filter imap. I use them at work where there's not a chance in hell of getting them to allow procmail rules serverside. I filter the messages off to folders on the same imap server. The filtering goes pretty quickly even when I come back to work after the weekend and several hundred linux-kernel messages have to be filtered. They only filter based on headers, however, and not bodies. Perhaps this is what you meant.

I'll go back to lurking now...


Once harm has been done, even a fool understands it.
                -- Homer

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